WEST LONDON  The task was to turn a spacious 1 bedroom 1 bathroom loft apartment into a spacious 2 bedroom 2 bathroom loft apartment without increasing the floor space.  Not one to shy away from a challenge and with the help of a wonderful architect, Jerry Tate, we set out to create the extra rooms.  A mezzanine office space was transformed into a double bedroom with ensuite bathroom.   Having created the extra rooms it was my job to create a spacious feel right throughout the entire apartment.  The start point was creating storage so that the apartment looked uncluttered.  A resin floor was poured which literally made the ground floor space flow.  The kitchen was re worked, by keeping the existing carcasses and custom making new doors and the money this saved was spent on a beautiful Carrera marble worktop giving a real focal point to the open plan living space.  Using colour sparingly transformed small spaces into bright spaces.  The whole project was completed in 4 months.  The owner, who originally had planned to sell the property loved it so much he decided to move in and make it is home.   
Bella Bunce Clerkenwell WEB-20.jpg
 SOHO  This project is the perfect example of how a house becomes a home.  When the owner bought this 7,000 sq ft house in Soho it had been converted into offices.The character had been completely stripped out.  The task was simple, to return it to its former Georgian glory and make it a unique home.  Authenticity was key. A carefully selected colour pallet gave the rooms unique character whilst retaining a family feel. All the fixtures, fittings and furniture were individually sourced. Scouring auction houses and the Portobello Road become as normal a daily routine as brushing my teeth.  The project was divided into 3 phases, building/restoration, decoration and styling.   The initial work took just over a year as an additional floor was added.  I’m pleased to say the house is now a beautiful unique Georgian home.  It is a living piece of art, but unlike a painting it continues to evolve.  6 years on I’m still finding pieces that add to its charm and to be honest I’m sure I still will be for the next 6 years at least.
154 Southgate Road.jpg