I offer two services creating spaces you'll want to live in.

The first being interior design for clients who are looking to create their family home or a second home.   By using a triangular approach - the client, the property & me, I create highly personalised homes that meet their needs, utilise their space and complement their current possessions. I selectively choose items from a variety of sources including artisan craftsmen, artists, antique dealers as well as more widely available manufactures and designers. I truly believe homes are crafted over time. I give my clients a helping hand and the confidence to truly craft their homes.

“Staging” is the second arm of my business which is aimed at clients looking to sell or let their property, fast and for the best possible price.   Here the aim is to create a space that will appeal to potential purchasers or tenants by creating a “homely feel” rather than a run of the mill “show homely feel”.   Alongside strict budgets, time is off the essence with selling or letting. Having a property on the market for too long means lost revenue for the client. I offer a complete hands on service and take care of every aspect of preparing the property for sale or letting. I use a skilled team who are fast and efficient for any building or redecorating needs. I work with existing furniture and accessories or source furniture and accessories where necessary and “dress” the property to give it that “stand out” appeal.  

I am London born and bred and have worked in the film industry creating and producing short format films for over 20 years.   I have always had a passion for interiors and design and can utilise my production experience working creatively to budget and timelines. In the same way I have brought scripts to life through film I now bring a houses to life through art and design.

Photographer       Juliet Murphy    

Photographer      Juliet Murphy